The purpose of this module is educate women and youth, making available tools and knowledge for self-empowerment and advancement in the business community. It aims to empower women with a healthy self-esteem, building confidence needed to become successful in every aspect of life.

Each woman will be taken through 9 Modules in our Competency Development Course.

  1. Team Building – How to surface, diagnose, and work through the issues that implode effective teamwork
  2. Financial Acumen – Developing and sustaining financial independence
  3. Academic Excellence – Academic programs designed to meet the identified situational needs of students
  4. Life Skills Training – focus on relationships in every arena of life
  5. Customized Training and/or Pre-Apprenticeship Training
  6. Occupation-specific Professionalism
  7. Career and Job Placement, Retention, State assisted Case Management and Retention Support
  8. Community Volunteer Services
  9. Technology, Innovation, and Green Renewable Energy (TIGRE) Research Projects and Proposals (Thesis) based on the following categories:
  • Engineering & Technical
  • Aerospace (and related) Engineering fields
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Aerospace and Manufacturing
  • Health Sciences
  • Green and Renewable Energy

Sessions are conducted as follows:

  1. Fall Sessions:  6 months consisting of 2 weeks per month
  2. Summer Accelerated Sessions: 3 months of sessions