The TIGRE Entrepreneur Youth Project (TEYP)

The Kingdom International Economic Development Corporation’s (KIEDC) is committed in its vision and mission to incubate a new generation of youth entrepreneurs and to develop young leaders in the workforce who are prepared for STEM industry careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).  The vehicle created to fulfill this mission is called the Technology Innovation Green Renewable Energy (TIGRE) Entrepreneur Youth Project (TEYP).

The TIGRE Entrepreneur Youth Project 5-City US Tour

KIEDC will partner with leading national leadership and youth organizations to orchestrate a 5–city United States tour, targeting and focusing on at-risk youth, ages 9 – 17, and their parent(s)/guardian(s). Tour stops will fall within one of the five major regions of the United States (Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest, and Central).

The goal of the tour will be to blend the two universal languages of the world – business and music. The weekend event will be structured as follows: Friday night will consist of a “Wellness and Edutainment Concert Series” and Saturday will be the “Youth/Parent Leadership and Entrepreneurship Symposium”.

Young leaders and parents will have the option to register for the finale of the TIGRE Entrepreneur Youth Project events, culminating in a “TIGRE Entrepreneur Youth Project – Leadership and Entrepreneurship Summer Camp”. The overnight summer camp will be open to participants and their parent(s)/guardian(s) who previously participated in a tour events or anyone else unable to attend a city tour program who fulfill the application requirements.

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Summer Camp Requirements:

Applicants will be accepted after an online registration process is completed, and the fee of $500 is paid in full (scholarships applications available upon request if scholarship need criteria met). The requirements include ages 9-17. Parental registrations are welcome and are required for ages less than 10. Participants must have a minimum GPA of 2.0. Other requirements include a business project essay, 2 letters of recommendation, an official transcript, a valid passport, parental consent and a health clearance form. All requirements must be submitted before an application is considered to be complete.

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Summer Camp: Program Curriculum and Structure

Each “TIGRE Entrepreneur Youth Project – Leadership and Entrepreneurship Summer Camp” session shall run overnight for 5 days in duration, during which time the participants will be enlightened and entertained motivational speakers and entertainers during the “Wellness and Edutainment Concert”.

Each participant will come to the program with an essay outlining a project they are interested in developing as a business idea. Over the course of the 5 days, the student will receive coaching for further development of their business idea. This process will lay the foundation of his or her TIGRE Youth research project and business plan proposal, which will be entered into the TIGRE Entrepreneur Youth Project – Leadership and Entrepreneurship Summer Camp Competition. Team project formats will also be available for students interested in the group approach for the competition. Finalists may have the opportunity to present their work and compete in a youth symposium at the Women’s Global Entrepreneur Competition Tour and World Conference, which will culminate in Dubai in 2015.

Besides working on entrepreneurship activities, each day will begin with instruction in nutrition and an exercise program. Following the morning activities and breakfast, components of the “TIGRE Youth Life Skills” curriculum, along with lessons from other contributors, will be taught to the students and parents during the morning session. The students and parents will work on their list of personal goals, personal mission statements, business plans, and academic plans for the future. Please visit the outcomes section for a detailed list of some ambitious results to be attained during a single week at Leadership and Entrepreneurship Summer Camp.

Finally, every day participants will be given time for writing in their “Dreaming Big is Big Business” journal, and select entries will be voluntarily compiled into a TIGRE Youth Project compilation book entitled, “The TIGRE Youth Project”.

TIGRE Entrepreneur Youth Project Goals:

  • To enhance general leadership and business skills
  • To build a curiosity and an appetite for STEM industry careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
  • To initiate career exploration and planning
  • To develop the ability to recognize entrepreneurial opportunities
  • To research and develop a mission/vision statement and viable business plan
  • To facilitate parental involvement in entrepreneurship goal setting/process
  • To teach basic financial literacy: household finance, debt and credit basics, and budget management
  • To teach youth how to identify an effective mentor & how to be a good mentee (ALCCMM = Advanced Life Coaching and Career Mentor Matching curriculum)
  • To review the college and scholarship application process
  • To provide a forum for sustained connection and follow up
  • To provide help and encouragement through global resource centers for continual youth leadership and entrepreneurship development

TIGRE Entrepreneur Youth Project Outcome Measurements:

The TIGRE Entrepreneur Youth Project participants will:

  • Take a career survey to initiate career exploration and planning and demonstrate the ability to provide a self analysis in the context of an entrepreneurial career
  • Be able present his or her personal mission/vision statement
  • Complete a basic business plan on a topic of interest and identify the appropriate market in which to launch their idea
  • Write and present a 30 second elevator to gain support for their venture
  • Have their parents create an action plan regarding their business plan model,
  • Take a pre and post-camp basic financial literacy survey
  • Will complete a mentorship checklist
  • Will research colleges and compile list of scholarships eligible that he or she is eligible for
  • Will be assigned to a web-conferencing cohort for the Leadership Challenge
  • Be given access to resources to encourage continued youth leadership and entrepreneurship development (G.R.E.A.T. Centers)

The TIGRE Entrepreneur Youth Project “Leadership Challenge”: Strategy for Follow up

Following the 5–City tour stops and the TIGRE Entrepreneur Youth Project – Leadership & Entrepreneurship Summer Camp, participants and their parent(s) will be invited to join our “Leadership Challenge”. Participants will be enrolled in a TIGRE Entrepreneur Youth Project Online Cohort, which will participate in monthly follow up training discussions via virtual, Internet-based, web-conferencing software.

Featured TIGRE Youth Entrepreneurs of the Month will be chosen based on set criteria and nominations in order to provide encouragement for continued youth leadership and entrepreneurship development. The young leaders will be highlighted in the web conference and in our newsletter blog.

Entrance and exit surveys, telephone/email follow up calls, and technology/social media analytics will be used to measure and follow up on the projected outcomes as outlined.

G.R.E.A.T. Centers:

Do you want to be good or do you want to be GREAT? Well greatness requires excellence in action!

Global Resource Entrepreneur Assistance and Technology Centers (G.R.E.A.T.) will be established for any participant who would like to continue to get help with developing their business plan ideas and models. Ideally, this will be a “closed loop” process. From idea to funding, KIEDC will strive to be a resource to help the students accomplish their goals and dreams to pursue their entrepreneurial ideas.

Featured Youth Entrepreneur