Give Back and Volunteer

  • Mentoring women via email, conferences, phone or as part of the Virtual Global Center.
  • Bringing your expertise to the organization and helping to empower women.
  • Making connections in other states along the Global “Good Success” Tour.
  • Becoming a panel speaker at the Women’s Global Entrepreneur Conference in 2018 in Dubai.
  • Become a sponsor and sponsor a woman for $199.
  • Provide funding for educational scholarships that will be awarded to women and youth up to $2,000 per person, made payable to the school of their choosing.

Contact our Corporate Office (860) 255 – 4788

Give to this Great Community

Helping Families for the Benefit of Women and Children

*We are a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization. Please keep a receipt for your donations for tax deduction purposes.