The ultimate goal of the Million Dollar Women’s Global Entrepreneur Competition and World Tour & Conference is scour the globe for the best and brightest of our generation to award one woman with the best business plan in the areas of technology, innovation, or green, renewable energy. That lucky winner will be granted one million dollars to launch her own business.

However, the broader mission is much deeper. We aim to rise up a new cohort of women and youth in the field of entrepreneurship, as savvy business leaders and industry innovators, making the world a better place for women and children all over the world. We want to establish ourselves as a global entity with far reaching vision using marketplace ministry to change the world. Hence, the Dubai location has been chosen as a culminating point for the world tour, competition, and conference.

A portion of the proceeds from The WGEC Tour will go to KIEDC on behalf of the vision to help Women and Youth. KIEDC offers sponsorships for The WGEC Tour Registration Fee to any Woman who has an Entrepreneurial Idea to be brought to market but no capital and no means to pay the Registration Fee for the Competition. Please Note: There is an Application process to be eligible for this sponsorship.



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