Our Vision

• Mobilize women and youth to unleash their untapped reservoir of talent and opportunity to fight poverty and obtain economic stability through entrepreneurship.
• Help women and youth foster success, sustainability, and social responsibility for their communities.
• KIEDC aims to attack the problems of poverty, hunger, and disaster relief by harnessing technology to promote economic empowerment.

Our Mission

We educate women and youth, making available tools and knowledge for self-empowerment and advancement in the business community.

Our Founder’s Vision & History:

In 1989, Mrs. Metashar Bankhead Dillon began training young women to get ready for college by preparing them with life skills training and providing them for much needed financial relief for tuition burdens. The first vehicle she used to do so was through the Miss Black Connecticut Scholarship Pageant, which was supported annually by several corporate sponsors. Mrs. Dillon set her program apart by breaking the mold of traditional pageants. She instituted a requirement of 6 months worth of mandatory workshops and removed the bathing suit segment. Instead of focusing on the body, she honed in on the mind. She stressed the absolute necessity of maintaining high GPAs and drilled the importance of chasing high quality academic pursuits.  She demanded an extremely high standard of excellence. The contestants learned how to obtain financing information for higher education through seminars outlining how to research scholarship sources and prepare applications. She taught them interview skills, community service, and building their self-esteem through grooming and etiquette.  The focus was on building self-esteem by not just depending on outer beauty, but on finding one’s inner strength and spirit of success. Many of these young women are now lawyers, doctors, nurses, judges, educators, politicians, media executives, scientists, businesswomen, entrepreneurs, and more.

Over the years, funding for the pageants became less available when the economy turned for the worse, but that did not stop Mrs. Dillon. She believed that giving to those in need was a big part of providing service to the community. She has built strong relationships in the community and has orchestrated major outreach projects, such as mortgage festivals and annual food, clothing, and toy drives, fighting poverty’s despair and feeding thousands of families for many years.

Then vision got bigger! She decided to broaden her economic initiatives from the local and state levels to address issues on the national and international level through KIEDC (Kingdom International Economic Development Corporation).  All initiatives embraced by KIEDC are based on principles from Mrs. Dillon’s books, “The Power of Vision and the Reflection of Your Future” and “Good Success: Visions and Legacies That Last”, both which can be found on Amazon.com. Her heart is to empower women to be entrepreneurs and help youth to start early so that they can be business owners from a very young age.  The experience gained during the years of working in the community has laid the foundation for this national and global effort to support, empower and advance women and youth in every area of their lives for “Good Success.”

In alignment with that vision, KIEDC is partnered with another organization that Mrs. Dillon founded, the Women’s Global Entrepreneur Competition and World Conference (WGEC). WGEC participants with business ideas in the areas of technology, innovation, or green renewable energy (TIGRE) will go through an on line self-development program where they will receive leadership training and business plan development to harness their innovative ideas and shape them as business concepts. Finalsts in the competition will compete for the grand prize, but one winner will not be crowned with a tiara, but with a million dollar grant to launch her own company!

Her motto echoes loudly…

“Women all over the world – It’s Your Time!”

— Metashar Dillon